Age Limit : The age limit for admission to various classes in School is given below: For admission, the students should complete the undermentioned years of age as on 31st March of the year in which the admission is sought.

  • NURSERY -- 3 YEAR+
  • LKG -- 4YEAR+
  • UKG -- 5YEAR +
  • STD.I -- 6 YEAR
  • STD.II -- 7 YEAR
  • STD.III -- 8YEAR
  • STD.IV -- 9YEAR
  • STD.V -- 10YEAR
  • STD.VI -- 11YEAR
  • STD.VII -- 12YEAR
  • STD.VIII -- 13YEAR
  • Students seeking admission are to register themselves with the school from December to March every year.
  • The classes to which a child can be admitted is decided solely on the basis of assessment test and Principal’s interview.
  • The school reserves the right to refuse admission to any pupil without assigning reasons thereto.
  • Certificate pertaining to the child's birth/transfer certificate and father's transfer order to be submitted during admission.
  • The Transfer Certificate should duly be countersigned by District Education Officer(DEO) or BEO of Schools. Every year the academic session begins in the first week of April. But preparatory classes may start well in advance as per the decision of the Principal and management.


  • A minimum of 75% attendance is required to appear in the final examinations.
  • Leave to a student for remaining absent is granted only on application addressed to the Principal through the class teacher to be submitted on the same day.
  • The period of leave with reason should be recorded in the regularity record of the diary.
  • Leave application must be signed by the parents / guardian of the student.
  • Application of leave exceeding 3 days on account of illness should be supported by a Medical Certificate.
  • Leave will be granted by the Principal.